You are pregnant! Congratulations. If you are a working momma, you may be wondering if there are any things you should consider. 


Have back support while sitting

You must have a specialized workspace designed just for you when you are working while pregnant. Pregnancy causes changes in posture, body weight, shape, and joint stability, which most frequently affect your lower back. For better support, you should use an adjustable chair with adequate lower back support to make sitting for extended periods considerably more comfortable. However, if you have a non-adjustable chair, you must use a cushion or a pillow to add additional support. You should also consider using a yoga ball to sit on instead of a chair.


You can place your one foot on top of a low stool or footrest if your job demands you to stand a lot. This will ensure safe working while pregnant. Alternate your feet occasionally, and take frequent breaks. Put on a pair of supportive, comfy shoes. You can also wear compression socks. 


Take frequent breaks

When you are working and pregnant then, it is vital that you take some frequent breaks and not sit for long periods of time. Some pregnant women may develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to fluid retention. Sitting all day may cause neck, shoulder, and strain as you face changes in your posture and body during pregnancy. As a result, taking regular breaks is advised. Get up and move about to increase circulation and decrease swelling.


Avoid heavy-labor work

You should avoid activities that frequently require heavy lifting or other strenuous physical labor, or you should first consult with your doctor. Some physically demanding tasks can become unsafe due to pregnancy symptoms, including dizziness and excessive fatigue. As your center of gravity shifts, your sense of balance could deteriorate, increasing your risk of falling. You should maintain a proper form even when lifting some light material. You should not bend at your waist but at your knees. Keep the weight close to your body and lift using your legs, not your back. Also, listen to your body. If a particular activity feels like you are putting too much pressure on your back or causing instability – discontinue doing this activity. Do not be afraid to speak to your supervisor and tell them that you may need modified activities during this time. Also, keep your OB, midwife, or chiropractor in the loop of any pain or discomfort you are experiencing due to your work tasks.

When to stop working during pregnancy?

When choosing the ideal time to quit working while pregnant, there are many factors to consider. Knowing when to take a break from work is crucial if you’re working during pregnancy. Most women are physically capable of carrying out their regular duties 34-36 weeks into their pregnancies. However, remember that stress is not healthy for you or your baby. It is important to consider how much stress you are feeling during work. It’s time to take a break after 36 weeks to prepare for the baby’s arrival. During this period, you can rest and make arrangements to spend time with your baby. 


Final Words

Most women can continue working through their pregnancies without endangering their and their baby’s health if they handle specific work situations with the best approach. If you are experiencing tension, stiffness, or pain during your pregnancy – consider chiropractic care!