Why Is Dr. A Drinking A Green Drink?

Over the past few months, you may have noticed Dr. A drinking from a green mason jar. Many have asked what that drink is and this week. Dr. A shares the recipe and why the switch to the green drink.

1 cup orange juice (or 3 fresh squeezed oranges)
½ lime
1 scoop spirulina
½ cup pineapple juice (half cup cubed pineapples)
If you are using fresh ingredients, blend till all ingredients have liquified. If using juices, mix all ingredients in mason jar by shaking.

Unfortunately, in times of stress and fear of the unknown, people often turn to increase use of alcohol consumption to help destress – I’m the first one to admit that this has included me. While I enjoy a glass (or more) of a bold red wine; with everything going on in the world and the sense of unknowing where things are headed reaching for a glass of wine just didn’t feel comforting. First issue was that after treating patients and wearing a mask all day, I constantly felt dehydrated. Therefore, the thought of drinking anything else that would further dehydrate me at the end of the day just didn’t feel appetizing. However, I knew I wanted something sweet and perhaps something that would give me some energy and a boost in my mood. As I was looking around my cupboard, I found a jar of spirulina and thought I would try that instead. For St. Patrick’s Day, I had enjoyed a different kind of green drink since I am not a beer drinker and did the recipe above. Guess what – I enjoyed it even more when I had it this time around. It was refreshing, I no longer felt like my mouth and throat were extremely dry and didn’t have to even worry about a hang over the next day. Spirulina is an antioxidant and is beneficial for the immune system – just provided more reasons for me to stick to my green drink.

I’m not sure how long this pandemic will last nor do I know how long we will need to wear a mask everywhere we go, but I do know that I don’t have to worry about constantly feeling dehydrated and unsatiated by everything I drink from wearing a mask – I have my green drink. Pandemic or no pandemic, I found my go my new happy drink.