We are commonly asked, why do I need to see a chiropractor if I’m not injured or in pain. These are our top four reasons:


  1. Prevention: chiropractic care can help prevent injuries and pain. Once you are injured, the recovery rate will be longer.
  2. Improve mobility: stiff muscles and joints will continue to become more severe without regular chiropractic care. Our goal is to keep your spine in proper alignment to avoid these issues.
  3. Early detention: as chiropractors, we want to be a part of your wellness journey and try to identify things before they become severe. This is especially beneficial in preventing scoliosis.
  4. Improved sleep: Unfortunately, most of us deal with poor sleeping patterns. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment. Not only can we perform chiropractic adjustments, we can also perform  craniosacral therapy, a gentle hands-on technique that uses light touches to relieve pain and boost health and immunity.


As chiropractors our goal is to be a part of your health care, not sick care. We aim to assist you in staying healthy before an issue arises. We wouldn’t recommend waiting to get car insurance until you get into an accident, and we wouldn’t recommend waiting until you are in pain to come in for care!