Pregnancy is itself a challenging period for a woman, and its hardships become even worse when it’s summertime.

 Being pregnant during summer can be a challenge for pregnant women. The prenatal hormonal changes are already playing their role in increasing the body temperature of pregnant women than usual. Additionally, the hot weather further increases body temperature – don’t forget the hot California days. 

 Moreover, severe weather conditions increase the risk of dehydration, fatigue, and even heat stroke. All of these conditions can be harmful during pregnancy. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself cool during pregnancy.

 In this article, we will share the ten helpful tips to stay cool during the summer while pregnant.

  1.   Stay hydrated:

 During pregnancy, you should drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. And when you are pregnant in the summer season, you need to take more water than ever. 

 During summer, your body will lose considerable fluid through sweating. Therefore the uptake of a sufficient amount of fluid is essential. It helps to prevent dehydration. 

 You should also take a water bottle with you to drink water frequently.

  1.   Encourage water uptake:

You can add a slice of lemon, a mint leave, or the slice of your favorite fruits in the water to encourage frequent and more water uptake in the hot weather. The infused cucumber in water also helps to keep your body refreshed. 

It is better to prepare several water bottles in your fridge to grab them quickly whenever going out.

  1.   Consider loose and relaxed clothing:

You should try to wear light weighted and loose clothing. The loose clothing in summer allows air circulation and keeps your body cool for longer.

Consider wearing fabric such as linen or cotton in the summer. These clothes help to absorb and draw away heat from your skin.

 At night, you should keep your bedding as minimum as possible. This helps to prevent overheating.

  1.   Add accessories to your outfit:

You should wear a sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen when going out. These additional accessories help to protect from harsh UV rays.

Wearing a hat will also help prevent your head and hair from heating up.

  1.   Adjust your exercise:

 You should plan your prenatal exercise routine according to the weather and your physical condition. You should be more careful to adjust your exercise routine during the initial stages of pregnancy. 

Avoid exercise when the weather is too hot and humid. It is better to switch to indoor exercise during summer. If you feel overheated, take a break.  

  1.   Try avoiding sun exposure:

You should avoid frequent and more prolonged sun exposure, especially during the peak hours between 11 am and 3 pm.

 Be prepared for it if you need to go out in hot weather. Wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and a sunhat. Don’t forget to keep your water bottle with you.

You should also try to stay in a cool and shady place when you are out. 

If you feel ill or faint in hot weather, seek medical care immediately.

  1.   Work less, rest more: 

Avoid working during summer if you can. Pregnancy is a tiring phase, and working in the hot weather further diminishes you if you overwork yourself. This can even lead to swelling in the ankles, feet, and fingers. 

Therefore, you should try to comfort yourself, stay cool, and relax. Wear comfy shoes and put your feet up often.

It is also recommended for pregnant women to keep their feet upper than their heart level for at least an hour per day. This helps to keep your body temperature at a moderate level.

  1.   Enjoy a swim:

You can enjoy a swim in a local pool which can keep you refreshed. You can also go to a nearby beach with friends. 

Swimming in cool water helps to reduce swelling and gives you a soothing effect on the summer days.

If you cannot go swimming, have a cool shower or bath. If you feel any unusual symptoms during or after swimming, seek medical care.

  1.   Sleep easier:

Spray water on the bottom of your bed sheet and enjoy a cool sleep. You can add drops of essential oil such as lavender oil to enjoy a more comfortable and deep sleep.

  1.                 A cool neck wrap:

Wrap a cool and wet bandana loosely across your neck during the summer. This wet neck wrapping will help to keep the carotid arteries cooler. The water in the bandana evaporated, which further helps in heat reduction.