Becoming a parent for the first time is very exciting, becoming a parent for the second or third time can be exhausting. Frequent feedings, diaper changing, and sleepless nights are some things that will change your routine. Oftentimes, parents cannot take a rest with the newborn.

Self-care including quality rest is essential after your baby. After getting enough sleep you can more readily fulfill your responsibilities. Check out our: tips to get proper rest with your new baby.
1. Sleep with your baby- Did you know that newborns take frequent naps throughout the day. They take short naps for about 2 to 3 hours which becomes 16 to 17 hours for a day.

Therefore, as a new parent – sleep when your baby is sleeping. This will help you to enough rest and boost up your energy.

2. Skip household chores – New parents should try to not compromise their rest over household chores. You should not think that how messy your house is, and how a visiting guest will judge it. Friends and family can easily understand your situation. Better yet, if anyone asks how they can help or support you – ask for assistance with your chores. The main thing you should focus on is enjoying your new baby and resting whenever you find time. Leave any remaining work for the next day.

3. Share the nighttime duties with your partner – Both of the parents can get enough rest if you share your nighttime duties. For instance: if breastfeeding, moms can pump breast milk so your partner can feed the baby at night without bothering the mother or you can share feeding duties if infant is formula fed. This will allow both parents to enjoy baby and rest.

4. Place the crib near your bed- It is easier to look after your baby when their crib is next to your bed. This will help promote easy access to the baby and more restful nights.

5. Ask for help – You should not be shy about asking for help from your friends and family. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Your tribe understands and will usually be willing to help you. You can ask them for assistance with groceries, hold up your baby while you shower or nap, or even help with dishes or setting up a meal train. Some friends can even help you with feeding and diaper changing. You can take nap when they are helping you. As a recent grandparent, I can tell you personally that I would welcome any opportunity for extra snuggles with my grandbaby!

6. Develop good sleep habits – Developing good sleep habits will promote quality sleep even if you sleep for a short period:
• Avoid caffeine before going to bed
• Stop using electronic devices two hours before you go to bed.
• Create a regular sleeping schedule and try to stick to it

Lastly, it is never too early to establish a baby’s sleeping habit. This will promote faster sleep and leads parents to get rest too.