Acupuncture can help you feel your best as you kick off the New Year!

Here’s how:
Winter encourages us to be Yin: to be still, to rest, and to conserve our resources and energy. ​2020 has been challenging for all of us. When you have a job, a family, school, and New Years resolutions to hit the gym hard, it can be tough to find that Yin moment. Too much activity during a time of year that calls for slowing down can tax the Kidney energy and Qi. Acupuncture allows for the time and space for relaxation and restoration.

Acupuncture is empowering and helps you to take charge of your health!
As a holistic medicine, acupuncture sees everything as interconnected: your mind, body and spirit are all linked through a web-like network called the meridian system. So, one kink in the network can affect the body in a number of ways. Chinese Medicine teaches us how everything is connected, and this builds and awareness for what our body needs to be healthy. Needling points along the meridians is a catalyst for positive change and reminds the body of its own ability to heal.

Often, people seek out acupuncture treatments when they are already sick. This year, consider using acupuncture as ​preventative care and get your immune system in high gear ​to protect yourself from seasonal bugs. Increasing the body’s Defensive Qi, or the body’s first line defense, will not only help prevent illness but also encourage a quick recovery if you do get sick. Suffer from Spring allergies? You can find relief from your runny nose and itchy eyes by strengthening your immune system and addressing the underlying imbalance that is causing your symptoms before allergy season begins.

Chronic pain is commonly aggravated by cold weather. Cold constricts the blood vessels and impedes circulation, and this leads to pain. Chronic pain sufferers may also experience poor sleep, poor energy, and an overall lower quality of life. Winter can be especially aggravating to pain conditions. With herbs, acupuncture, massage, and moxibustion, ​Chinese Medicine offers a variety of methods to help increase circulation, warm the channels, and stop pain. Consider acupuncture treatments if you hope to have your pain under control in time for those Spring marathons you signed up for!

Acupuncture eases seasonal transitions and boosts your immunity, energy, and general well-being​. Simply said, acupuncture helps us live harmoniously with the seasons. When we study nature’s patterns and cycles, we can learn how to support our own health and stay well year-round. As the seasons change, there is an opportunity to assess the state of your health and sync your mind, body, and spirit to the energy of the new season. Signs that your body needs some support with the change of seasons includes allergies, low immunity, low energy, and seasonal affective disorder. If you are to schedule just a few acupuncture treatments a year, changes in season would be an opportune time to come see us!

Lastly, we find that many of our patients begin to think about ​fertility and family planning ​when the new year rolls around. In Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys rule the reproductive system and play a big role in conception and development. Winter is an especially great time to “warm the womb” and focus on building Kidney Qi and the necessary resources for a fertile environment.

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