Knee and ankle pain are common complaints that people have. These are my recommendations when dealing with these issues:
1) Don’t do anything that causes pain. This may seem obvious but there are plenty of times when people will try to keep pushing through ankle or knee pain, hoping it will get better. Certainly, there are few cases where pain will resolve without care and without decreasing activity. However, it is quite common that this will lead to worsening of the injury and thus a longer interruption of normal activities of daily living.
2) That brings us to recommendation #2. Getting a clear and concise diagnosis is imperative so that treatment and activity modification can be appropriately applied based on the injury. This too is going to mean quicker return to normal activity level or even peace of mind that you may need no change in activity.
3) If it is painful, ice. This again might seem pretty obvious; but most people don’t like how ice feels and utilize heat instead. Icing can reduce a moderate amount of the pain and allow for lessening of the duration of injury.

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