– 1 tablespoon celery seed
– ¼ cup dried celery
– ½ cup dried celery leaves
– 3 tablespoons pink Himalayan sea salt
– Pinch of cayenne pepper

• Using a coffee grinder, add dry celery and celery seed until it is powdered
• Combine powered celery mixture (from previous step) with celery leaves, cayenne pepper, and pink Himalayan salt in a food processor until it is almost powdered
• Store in an airtight spice jaw

Since Covid, we have been trying to get creative with homemade spices. This one is easy to make, prep time is only 5-10 minutes. We use this in place of store bought celery salt. You can produce this salt in larger amounts, you just need to adjust the portions. Ideally, you want to have one part dried celery to one part Himalayan sea salt.