After your pregnancy journey, now it’s time for postpartum, also called the fourth trimester.

What is a postpartum period?

Postpartum is a period that starts right after childbirth and lasts for six weeks. 

Is postpartum a hard time?

For some people, postpartum is not as challenging as pregnancy. However, depending on your delivery and support after you have a baby, it can be difficult. It is a period with several new challenges, especially when you are a new mother. 

What are the challenges of postpartum?

  •  Adjusting to motherhood
  • Adjusting to a new routine
  •  Healing from labor
  • Managing the home
  • Need for social support
  • Postpartum stress/anxiety/depression 
  • Breastfeeding issues 
  • Processing new family dynamics
  • Irregular sleep pattern

Since these are commonly not discussed, I wanted to highlight some valuable tips to keep your postpartum period relaxing and less exhausted.  

  1.   Apply for postpartum leave:

Taking plenty of rest is the most important thing during postpartum. However, you may want to make sure you take enough time before your due date to mentally and physically prepare for this new phase in your life. Having a baby is something we often take for granted, but it is an incredible feat – your body has just produced a human being and therefore becomes quite weak and needs nurturing. On a daily basis, we are usually using our sympathetic nervous system – fight or flight. This is the part of our brain that is go, go, go – ‘I have to get this project done by the deadline’, ‘I need to organize the baby’s room’, ‘this is the baby’s due date’. When you go into labor, you want to be in the parasympathetic mode of your nervous system. The part of your central nervous system that is rest and digest. You don’t think about breathing, pumping blood in and out of your heart, or even bowel movements. Ideally, you want to be in that same mode when it comes to labor. Having time to decompress before you have your baby is ideal for allowing your body to transition from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic system. 

From your body to your soul, every part needs peace. Therefore, it requires rest. The more you rest, the more your body will get the energy to fight tiredness and fatigue. 

When preparing for maternity leave consider giving yourself ample time to achieve that state versus stepping away from work and life responsibilities at the last possible moment before labor.

  1.   Ask for help :

Feel free to ask for help from your loved ones. You can ask for cleaning, cooking, grocery, meal train, etc. Ask them in advance so that they manage their time accordingly.

You can ask your loved ones to help you out so that you can sleep for longer periods. Sleep is essential for babies AND parents. Don’t be ashamed to admit you are tired and need a nap.  Family and friends can also help you with household chores and feeding your baby.  

You can also seek help from your loved ones to prepare pre-cooked meals. This will help to make things easier. 

  1.   Stock up on healthy foods:

A healthy diet is another important way to boost your energy during postpartum. It will also promote the natural healing process of your body. Your body needs nutrient rich food. Therefore, you should stock up on lots of vegetables and fruits.

  1.   Stock up on necessary supplies:

Stock up the supplies you can store for longer. This will help to reduce the emergency market visits. You will also get mentally relaxed by thinking that everything is at home when the need arises.

Stock up all the baby accessories, including diapers, wipes, clothing, diaper rash cream, and milk. 

You also need to stock up on supplies for yourself, such as extra-large maxi pads, adult diapers, postpartum absorbent underwear, nipple cream, and soothing sprays.

  1.   Connection with professional support:

You might need professional guidance during postpartum. You may need guidance for feeding, a lactation consultant, a therapist, etc. 

Don’t forget chiropractic care. We often have moms that come in regularly during their pregnancy but then do not come in once the baby is born. Allow us to help you heal after you deliver. Whether you have a home or hospital birth, chiropractic and/or acupuncture care can help you heal faster and allow you to enjoy time with your little one.