So far, I don’t personally know anyone that can say that 2020 has been easy or fun – we definitely cannot. We have been fortunate to keep our doors open, my heart still hurts for the businesses that have closed down their doors and are terminating jobs due to Covid. In keeping our doors open, we have had to add additional safety protocols including social distancing. Please keep in mind the following:

1. We apologize if we cannot book you for same day appointments:
I wish that I could say that we are sooooooo busy with all of the patients we are seeing that we cannot book last minute appointments. Sadly, that isn’t the case. Prior to Covid, we didn’t have any restrictions on how many people we could see and we would have 5-6 rooms accessible. At this time, we try to use 2-3 rooms only, maintain social distancing, and clean and re-clean rooms. This does not allow us to see the amount of people that we were able to in the past. Actually, we are allowing almost 30-40% less. Again, we ask that you are patient. Our staff is diligently trying schedule patients in whenever we have availability; but these measures are for your safety and ours.

2. We may not always be able to answer the phones quickly:
One of the safety precautions we have added is that we no longer allow patients in the waiting area. This means that we pre-screen patients via a survey before you come in. This takes longer and we have added an additional employee per shift to assist with the extra layer of precaution but as there are added steps in reviewing surveys and directing patients from their car to a specific room, phones sometimes do end up going to voicemail.

3. Contactless payment options:
We now offer Venmo & Apple/Google pay options as a contactless option. Please note that these are meant to be contactless option to further assist with following CDC recommendations for safety precautions in the workplace. If you are using Venmo, please pay at the front desk and show the staff your proof of payment. The time the staff is using to with following up with Venmo payments could be time they could use to answer phone calls and assist you.

There is no forecast to when Covid will end or what additional modifications we will have to implement. All we can do is adjust to the situations we are given and maintain open communication. We are so thankful for our community of patients that support and trust us and our amazing staff that continue to come to work and assist us to be a part of your health and wellness team.

Thank you in advance for your patience & understanding.