This was my first baby, and I had NO idea about the Bradley Method. The Bradley Method “emphasizes that birth is a natural process that says women should trust their bodies, and it teaches couples how to manage labor and how to be that support and/or labor coach”.

So many people had encouraged me to “get an epidural, you won’t feel a thing. why put yourself threw that pain?” When so many people said the same thing to me, after a while I agreed! My mother, being a holistic, au natural mother/chiropractor that she is, sat me down and explained to me all the things side effects as well as the long-term effects that an epidural can have, but most importantly she shared all the benefits of a natural birth. I decided that I wanted to have my baby unmedicated. I wanted to do this, for him.

I was referred to Sara Paine, a Bradley method teacher. My husband and I participated in 12 classes (some were in person and a few during Zoom). It was important that my husband was educated and committed to an unmedicated birth. I was SO AFRAID of the pain I was going to experience during childbirth! However, week after week, class after class we gained so much knowledge. The best things that came out of taking the course was: 1. I was mentally prepared for childbirth 2. By the end of the course, I was no longer afraid of the pain, I was ready for the experience, and 3. The classes turned my husband into the most amazing supportive, patient, and attentive partner I could ask for. It really taught him how to be there for me, and it showed me what I needed to help comfort me on the big day.

Sara said something to me that really made sense. An Olympian does not train for a week before the Olympics, it takes months. Childbirth is an event that you need to train your body for. I had to train my body for childbirth. Labor squats were key! Between the childbirth course and my chiro care, I was able to have the exact childbirth experience I created in my birth plan.

I was speaking to a male friend of mine from Ethiopia that has two children, and he told me something I thought was really sweet. In their culture a woman delivers unmedicated to show her child how much she loves him and is willing to do for him. I couldn’t agree more – I am so grateful that I was able to do this for my son Logan and have this incredible experience with my husband. An unmedicated childbirth isn’t for everyone. Do your research, ask questions, discuss with your husband and partner and figure out what you want, and know you have the power within your body to have an unmedicated birth. Don’t be afraid to ask for support.