When I found out I was pregnant, I scoured the Internet for the must have baby items.  There is SO MUCH information and SO MANY opinions out there.  I’m here to give you my top ten baby must haves!  These are the items I could not live without and all but one item, I’m still using with my eight month old son.

  1. Haakaa– This may be the best invention EVER for breastfeeding moms.  The Haakaa is a silicone breast pump designed to catch the letdown from your opposite breast and can help you collect milk for your freezer stash and help relieve engorgement.  At such an affordable price, every breastfeeding mom needs at least one of these.
  2. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow– I tried a couple different nursing pillows and this was by far my favorite.  The My Brest Friend is flat on top, which I found to be more comfortable for both myself and my baby.  This nursing pillow also clips around the waist to help from slipping.  I HIGHLY recommend a nursing pillow to provide you much needed support and proper positioning.
  3. Sound Machines–  This is something I never knew my baby needed, but now we can’t live without!  A white noise sound machine helps baby fall asleep and stay asleep.  We use a Dohm White Noise Sound Machine in my son’s room and keep a portable sound machine by Rohm in the diaper bag for car rides and naps in the stroller.
  4. Velcro Swaddles–  These are a lifesaver when you have a wiggly little one that works their way out of a traditional swaddle.  There are many types out there.  My favorite velcro swaddles were the Swaddle Me Original Swaddle with Easy Change.  These have a zipper at the bottom to help make middle of the night diaper changes so much easier!
  5. Glider–  When I was putting my son’s nursery together, I went back and forth on getting a glider.  I am SO HAPPY I decided to get one.  We have spent so much time in that chair, it’s one of the most used pieces of furniture in our house.  From feedings to reading books and cuddles, this is a spot that should be comfy because you will spend a lot of time here.
  6. Night light-  I came across a tip of taking a battery powered night light to the hospital since the lights can be extremely harsh.  They are perfect for middle of the night feedings in the nursery and we even take them on trips with us.
  7. Electric Nail Trimmer–  Trimming baby’s nails can be so nerve racking!  With an electric nail file, I feel so much more at ease and am able to trim my son’s nails quickly and without worry of cutting him with traditional nail clippers.
  8. Wipe Warmer– I always heard that a wipe warmer was pointless, but when my baby screamed as soon as a freezing cold baby wipe touched his bottom EVERY. SINGLE. DIAPER. CHANGE. I decided to invest in one.  For something that I use multiple times a day, I found it to be well worth it!
  9. Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator– When I first came across this contraption on all of the must have lists, I thought there was no way that me or my husband would use it!   But, there came a time where we needed to get the snot out and well, it worked!  I think this is a tool that everyone should have!
  10. Boppy Newborn Lounger– My son was very alert from birth and the newborn lounger propped him up just enough to observe the room and see what was going on around him.  We used the lounger right up until he started showing signs of rolling over.
I hope this list helps you decide what items to purchase or add to your baby registry!