Towards the end of my third trimester, I remember scouring the internet for lists of what to pack in my hospital bag. There were SO MANY lists out there from bringing almost nothing to bringing everything but the kitchen sink! I have to admit, I’ve always been someone who overpacks. For this trip, I wanted to have the necessities but not too many extra things to worry about. That plan didn’t work out very well and I definitely overpacked A LOT.

I am here to share the items that I couldn’t have lived without during labor, delivery and recovery!

Lip Balm- Between the hospital air and deep breathing, your favorite lip balm is a necessity! I constantly reached for my lip balm!

Scrunchie/Hair clip- Sometimes you just want your hair out of your face and off of your neck!

Handheld fan- I was extremely hot during delivery and my $15 handheld fan from Amazon was a life saver!

Insulated Cup- If you know me, you know I carry a Yeti with ice water everywhere I go! This is my key to drinking a lot of water! An insulated cup with a straw at my bedside table kept me hydrated and cool!

Slippers- Having a pair of slippers to slip on when getting out of bed was ideal.

Phone, tablet and chargers- I was in labor for quite some time so having something to help pass the time was helpful! Fingers crossed you won’t be in labor as long as I was!

AirPods/headphones- These were perfect for tuning out all of the sounds in the room when I just wanted to listen to music or a movie.

Nursing Tank/Bra- if you are going to breastfeed, I found that these are the most convenient item of clothing you will own!

2 piece pajama set- I recommend dark colored, loose fitting pajamas with a button up top. The button up top is convenient for breastfeeding and loose fitting bottoms were most comfortable for me postpartum.

Comfy going home clothes- My husband, son and I wore matching shirts home from the hospital, but I definitely recommend comfortable sweats or leggings.