Chicken Quesadillas


1 cup cooked boneless skinless chicken breast

½ cup black beans

½ cup chopped cilantro

½ teaspoon cumin

½ celery seed

Pinch of oregano

Salt to taste

½ teaspoon chili powder

½ diced cherry tomatoes

1 cup shredded pepper jack cheese

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook Time 5 minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Directions In medium skillet – sautee chicken and black beans – add cilantro, cumin, celery seed, chili powder, salt, & oregano Cook for about 2 minutes Add diced tomatoes and a pinch of salt and cook for one additional minute In separate skillet heat over medium heat and place tortilla in skillet Spread chicken and black bean mixture across the skillet Add cheese – be sure to spread ingredients evenly across tortilla Fold tortilla over to one side and cook until cheese starts to melt – cook for about 2 minutes Flip tortilla and allow tortilla to cook on other side – cook for about 1 minute

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