We were supposed to be in Japan right now. We should have been walking under the most beautiful cherry blossom trees and enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine in small tucked away restaurants. We spent 8 months tediously planning every detail and were excited to spend uninterrupted family time.
But the world had other plans. Our trip was cancelled due to the pandemic. We were of course crushed but we were not going to let this stop us from taking part in some of our plans.
So we headed to our local Japanese market and stocked up on copious amounts of Japanese treats. We spent the weekend cooking, enjoying and indulging in Japanese food and culture. Sure we didn’t have the scenery and sights we had hoped for. But we did have tons on fun learning all about the hard work and love that goes in to some of these meals. Most importantly we were together.
Even through the most difficult of circumstances we did what we planned to do which was make  family memories, all in the comfort of our home.