It’s easy to lose track of your physical, emotional, and mental health. As a society, I find that we are constantly in a push, push, push mindset where goals are the priority, and our health takes a backseat.

Physical Health
When you are busy with work and family commitments, it’s easy to let your physical health slip by not exercising enough, not eating a balanced diet, skipping meals and then binge-eating, or not looking after yourself properly when you aren’t feeling your best. It’s not good for our bodies and it’s certainly not good for our mind.

These are things we can do on a daily basis to stay on top of your physical health:
• Exercise in the morning. Do squats while you’re brushing your teeth, do as many star jumps as you can while the kettle is boiling, or stretch those calves in the shower. I have started a new habit where I won’t drink my coffee until I have taken over 1K steps. You’ll be surprised at the difference small but frequent bursts of exercise can make.
• Pre-prep your healthy meals. Having healthy meals and snacks on hand will ensure your diet stays healthy and balanced. We have been meal prepping for over four years and it is worth the time and effort. Not only do we save time during the week and still have a healthy meal/snack to eat, but we also save a lot of money on eating out.
• Take a break. Working yourself to the bone is only going to end in burn-out. Take regular breaks throughout the day and make sure you have at least one day a week where you switch off and take some ‘me’ time.

Emotional Health
It’s impossible to be happy and positive 100% of the time. Everybody has their ups and downs! One thing you can do, though, is when you notice you are feeling sad or having negative thoughts, you can change them. It’s important to feel your feelings, so let yourself feel sad and notice the negative thoughts, but don’t wallow in them.

Arm yourself with the tools to overcome and change those feelings.
• Control your social media: When you scroll through your feed, notice any posts or accounts that bring up negative feelings – then unfollow.
• Have a creative day: When was the last time you took a day off and did something creative? Try colouring, drawing, crafting, baking or even something fun like trampolining or going to a theme park. Do something that inspires you and brings out the child-like creative in you.
• Journal: Try writing a page of things you want to release or get out of your head, then write a page of what you want to invite into your life and watch how your mindset changes.
• Get out of your head and into your body: When you’re absorbed in negative thought patterns, it will show in your body. When you are feeling anxious, your body can become tense and stiff. Try doing some gentle stretching or exercise such as yoga, walking, or check out our videos on YouTube. If you have a lot of pent-up energy, do some high intensity cardio and release!

Mental Health
Looking after our mental health has never been more important. With the high number of people working from home, isolation and loneliness have become a major problem for many people. Having a good support system in place is extremely important, and can drastically reduce isolation, depression and loneliness. A good support system can consist of friends, family members, colleagues, or neighbors. The most important thing is that you can trust the people in your support system.

Your support system will be unique to you. Having just a few people that you can turn to in a crisis or when you are feeling stressed or down, can be a great help. Whether it’s helping you find a solution to a problem, or just lending a sympathetic ear and listening to your problems, having that support can mean all the difference.

In a perfect world you would focus on all three of these. However, how about you pick one aspect of this article and focus on this aspect of YOUR health over the next few weeks and see how you feel.