Going back to work after maternity leave can be a challenging and stressful task, physically as well as mentally! New mommies can face many difficulties while adjusting back to the regular work-life routine and stressing about leaving their little loved ones in someone else’s care. If you are planning to make a grand re-entry to your work life after maternity leave, here are a few tips that will help you get back on track at work!

1.   Make a List of Questions 

There will certainly be many questions that you would have in mind when going back to work after maternity leave. Make a list of all these questions a few days before joining or on the first day to work after maternity leave. Be sure to discuss these questions and try to get these answers in writing to avoid confusion or additional stress. Regardless of whether you are leaving your child with a family member or day care, make sure you are on the same page.

2.   Discuss Schedules

Schedules play an important role in most families. Handling work pressure and stress, especially if the work hours extend past regular hours, may cause additional stress mentally for a new mom. Moreover, if you have a newborn at home you will need a fixed time by which you can get off work and devote the remaining time to your little one. You need to have these discussions with your supervisor and consider requesting flexibility whenever required, at least for the first 3-6 months.

Since the Covid pandemic, working from home has become an option. Consider requesting to work from home initially and then start catching up by going to the office once a week. Increase the frequency to twice, alternate days and then a whole week until you feel you’re ready.

3.   Find a Mentor! 

No matter your preparations, something or the other is bound to go off-track during your initial return to work. A mommy-mentor in this case can be your knight in shining armor. Find someone who has successfully gone back to work after maternity leave. Such friends or family members and their experiences will help you gain insights into some of the practicalities that you can only get through first-hand experiences. With this, you can avoid some common mistakes and put your best foot forward!

4.   And a Day Care! 

If you are going back to work after maternity leave, it is important to decide who the child would be staying with. Nothing better than your significant other or a family member staying at home but in case these two options are not possible, you might have to search for several daycares or  nannies to take care of your baby while you’re gone. These days social media is a valuable resource. Go on your local buzz group and ask other parents for recommendations and feedback.

5.   Resume Work Connections 

Maternity leave might have separated you from your work friends a little. It’s time to get back on track! Arrange a gathering (in person or Zoom) before your first day back to work after maternity leave and connect with your work friends or managers beforehand to get some glimpses of what is happening at the company. Ask about any new clients, employees, or changes in management.

Don’t Forget:

Being a new parent whether for the first time or the fifth time, is always a change. Maternity leaves you with some drastic life changes. Getting back to work after maternity leave can be one of the most challenging ones. However, with a supportive staff, clear communication and some big mommy energy, everything is possible! As always, remember to schedule your chiropractic adjustment to get your body in perfect alignment!