In the past few years, more and more women have been coming into our office with gestational diabetes. Since we have received more recommendation requests, we decided to write about it.

Similar to other diabetes, gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar production in the body. The following are some tips to eat healthily and avoid weight gain.

  • The primary treatment for GDM women is Insulin. Your body needs insulin to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and deliver a healthy baby.
  • Control your carb intake, especially starches. Sorry, but you must say no to your favorite white pasta, donuts, and rice. 
  • Another thing to avoid exclusively is highly processed foods. Ultra-processed food consumption can trigger this form of diabetes during pregnancy. 
  • Avoid sugary beverages. Yes, ALL OF THEM! No fruit juices, no sodas, no sweet drinks. Increase water consumption
  • Eat a diet incorporated with high protein, such as beans, fish, tofu, and white poultry.
  • Pick only low-fat products during your grocery shopping, such as low-fat dairy. This is a fantastic option for calcium consumption and proper hydration. 
  • You can still beat your sugar cravings with fruits. But remember, keep track of your fruit intake too.
  • Get your sleeping and eating routine on track, ladies! Wake up early and have a healthy meal because insulin sensitivity is higher in the morning and lower in the evening. That’s why you should avoid late-night meals and snacks too!
  • Increase your physical activity. No more than 45 minutes of sitting at a time, and aim to exercise at least 30 minutes daily. This could include a walk or a short exercise video.


Things to consider: if your sugar levels are not controlled during pregnancy, it could lead to infants with higher birth weights. If you have a hospital birth, there would be a higher chance of inductions and possible c-sections. Therefore, let’s work together to keep your insulin at controlled levels and help you maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Remember – healthier mamas help to produce healthier babies!