During pregnancy eating is as important as ever. However, it is not just about eating anything, it is about eating actual nutrients that will help you and your beautiful baby develop during this time. Processed foods and meals high in sugar will give you calories, but not nutrients. This will help you feel full initially but make you feel hungry (and sometimes hungrier) a short time afterward. With so many food choices, what should you choose? These are my go to choices:

  1. Sweet potatoes – whether you are eating them as loaded stuffed sweet potato or hash brown, this form of starch is tasty and easy to make. Sweet potatoes have fiber and beta carotene. Ample amounts of fiber in your diet will help with reducing blood sugar, improve digestion (which is extremely helpful if you are experiencing constipation during your pregnancy), and allows you to feel full longer – which helps you from getting hangry.
  2. Eggs – this type of protein is easy to make and there are endless ways to make them from hard boiled to scrambled to sunny side up, eggs are a simple addition to add to your daily diet. Eggs contain choline which is crucial to assist in a baby’s brain and spinal cord development.
  3. Avocados – I absolutely love avocados. Not only are they tasty and filling, they contain good fats and are high in vitamins B, E, C, K a swell as fiber and potassium. Avocados contain folate which may help with brain, skin, tissue, and spinal development of your precious cargo.
  4. Water – I cannot stress enough how important it is to be properly hydrated. Oftentimes, when my prenatal mommas come in and complain of fatigue, headaches, mood swings, anxiety and even brain fog – they are dehydrated. Remember, we each have our own level of hydration. One person may need 6 glasses of water to feel hydrated during pregnancy yet another person may need 12. Remember that during pregnancy your body is absorbing water more than it previously did.


As your baby is developing, your body is craving nutrient dense foods. With so many choices out there, I hope the list above helps guide you to healthy food choices during your pregnancy journey.