Dr. A’s recommendations when working from home.

Whether or not you have always thought of working from home, many of us are being forced to do so due to the pandemic. In order to assist with you this, here are some tips when working from home.

1. Create a dedicated, uncluttered workspace. Yes, it is easier to just put everything on top of a dining room table. However, easier is not always better. Dining room tables were not made for comfort or prolonged seating. The chairs are not comfortable nor are they ergonomically correct for the physical demands on your back. They are also lower than a desk workstation would be. Take a few minutes to create a space that is comfortable and the items you need will be accessible. If you are also homeschooling your children, I recommend you create a similar space for each child as well. When helping your children with their schoolwork, try sitting next to them instead of over them. This will help you not begin to experience neck and midback pain from stooping or bending forward with your back or neck.
2. Check your internet connection before you begin to start working. Prior to working from home, you may not have been using your internet often at home. With work from home and homeschooling demands, you may require a faster internet service to save you time with downloading files and communicating with your office and clients.
3. Just because you are working from home, try to maintain a schedule for yourself and routine for your children. Waking up late and doing work intermittently will extend your day and cause you to have to work longer periods. For children, it can create anxiety and make it more difficult to concentrate as their brains and bodies have become accustomed to focusing on schoolwork during certain times of day. I also recommend you consider getting into a habit of setting stretch breaks every 2 hours. For your convenience, we have added stretches to our YouTube Channel – Lander Chiropractic.
4. Although you are working from home, set up the do not disturb option on your cell phones. This will allow you to dedicate time to working without being distracted by personal calls or social media.
5. If your job requires you to have frequent phone use, I recommend you wear a headset or earbuds. This will allow you to have handsfree ability and not put unnecessary tension on your neck.
6. Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Proper hydration throughout the day will help keep you from mindless snacking, fatiguing your muscles, and feeling dehydrated at the end of the day. Start your workday (at home) by keeping a bottle of water next to your workstation.