‘Impending Motherhood’ by Mayra Iniguez

It is a common experience that the expectancy around receiving your hearts deepest desires can result in a huge spike in anticipation anxiety. A woman’s transition into motherhood signifies an immense amount of change and a new role with an entire set of shifting responsibilities. Statistics indicate that about 20-40% of pregnant women experience anxiety [...]

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‘Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

Going back to work after maternity leave can be a challenging and stressful task, physically as well as mentally! New mommies can face many difficulties while adjusting back to the regular work-life routine and stressing about leaving their little loved ones in someone else's care. If you are planning to make a grand re-entry to your work life [...]

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‘Work & Pregnancy’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

You are pregnant! Congratulations. If you are a working momma, you may be wondering if there are any things you should consider.    Have back support while sitting You must have a specialized workspace designed just for you when you are working while pregnant. Pregnancy causes changes in posture, body weight, shape, and joint stability, [...]

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‘Dealing With Postpartum Depression/Anxiety’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

Postpartum anxiety/depression or even psychosis is becoming more prevalent among women after childbirth. Especially since the pandemic and quarantine, I have seen a spike in this. Most recently, I witnessed my daughter go through this, and I wanted to write about ways to prevent and cope with it.   WAYS TO PREVENT POSTPARTUM  DEPRESSION    [...]

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‘Tips To Stay Cool In The Summer’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

Pregnancy is itself a challenging period for a woman, and its hardships become even worse when it's summertime.  Being pregnant during summer can be a challenge for pregnant women. The prenatal hormonal changes are already playing their role in increasing the body temperature of pregnant women than usual. Additionally, the hot weather further increases body [...]

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‘Tips For Time Periods around Due Date’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

If you’re a mommy-to-be, a lot is going on for you. On top of the physical changes that come from growing a tiny human, you’re probably experiencing some stress, anxiety, depression from all the baby preparations you’re making. It can be easy to overlook just how important it is for you to look after yourself [...]

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