‘Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

Going back to work after maternity leave can be a challenging and stressful task, physically as well as mentally! New mommies can face many difficulties while adjusting back to the regular work-life routine and stressing about leaving their little loved ones in someone else's care. If you are planning to make a grand re-entry to your work life [...]

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‘Work & Pregnancy’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

You are pregnant! Congratulations. If you are a working momma, you may be wondering if there are any things you should consider.    Have back support while sitting You must have a specialized workspace designed just for you when you are working while pregnant. Pregnancy causes changes in posture, body weight, shape, and joint stability, [...]

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‘Why Calories Aren’t Everything’ by Dr. James & Dr. Anastasia Lander

When considering a diet, many people need help remembering that it is essential to focus on nutrients instead of calories. The primary way out of the excessive weight people opt for is by counting BMI and calories and getting started on a calorie-deficit diet. However, most of us don’t see significant changes in weight scale, [...]

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‘Adding Vitamin A to Your Diet’ by Dr. James Lander

Do you want to improve your immunity functioning system and/or problems with your vision?  Consider adding more vitamins A to your diet! Vitamin A: Vitamin A is the main component of vision issues. However, it doesn't make you a superhuman; instead, it contains retinyl esters and retinoic acid. These components assist you by strengthening rods [...]

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‘Effects Of Prolonged Sitting’ by Dr. James & Dr. Anastasia Lander

There's an emerging debate on the harmful effects of prolonged sitting on our health. It's proposed that it's similar to how smoking damages your health and increases the risk of chronic diseases. Are you also concerned about your constant routine of prolonged sitting and looking for solutions? There is a struggle to increase comfort in [...]

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