‘Belly Binding After Childbirth’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

Most likely, you’ve heard the term belly binding. However, did you know the reasons why women have been using this technique for hundreds of years? It’s not the western version of waist training.  Many cultures worldwide recognize the benefits of belly binding after childbirth. Although these cultures may use different fabrics or techniques in their [...]

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‘It’s Not The Diet, It’s The Nutrients’ by Dr. James & Anastasia Lander

Diets of all different names come and go. Some prefer Paleo, while others are trying out Keto. The differences can be confusing, but despite which diet or lifestyle you choose, the most important thing to consider is making sure you are always getting enough nutrients in your diet.   Two mainstream diets are Vegan and [...]

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‘Dealing With Postpartum Depression/Anxiety’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

Postpartum anxiety/depression or even psychosis is becoming more prevalent among women after childbirth. Especially since the pandemic and quarantine, I have seen a spike in this. Most recently, I witnessed my daughter go through this, and I wanted to write about ways to prevent and cope with it.   WAYS TO PREVENT POSTPARTUM  DEPRESSION    [...]

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‘Tips To Stay Cool In The Summer’ by Dr. Anastasia Lander

Pregnancy is itself a challenging period for a woman, and its hardships become even worse when it's summertime.  Being pregnant during summer can be a challenge for pregnant women. The prenatal hormonal changes are already playing their role in increasing the body temperature of pregnant women than usual. Additionally, the hot weather further increases body [...]

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