Do you want to improve your immunity functioning system and/or problems with your vision?  Consider adding more vitamins A to your diet!

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is the main component of vision issues. However, it doesn’t make you a superhuman; instead, it contains retinyl esters and retinoic acid. These components assist you by strengthening rods in the cornea of your eye to see more clearly in dim light.

It should also be noted that vitamin A has other health benefits other than vision aid. Vitamin A assists our bodies in white blood cell production, protection, and performance. Additionally, it has an essential role in our body’s skeletal system, endothelial tissues, cellular growth, and maturity. 

Role in cancers: 

Most people are unaware that vitamin A can assist in our fight against many cancers, including cancers of the lungs of non-smokers, prostate, liver, skin, and bladder. The retinoids vitamins help arrest and stop cellular maturation and differentiation of many types of bladder, prostate, and lung cancers. It is not only beneficial for men, but in women, it also prevents breast cancer growth.

Adding Vitamin, A to daily diet:

The daily recommended amount of vitamin A intake is 700-900 mcg. Taking this much in tablet or supplement forms is exhausting and usually not achievable. We always recommend eating foods rich in vitamin A to supplement our health naturally!

Foods with a significant source of natural vitamin A: 

  •       Carrot 
  •       Beef liver
  •       Fortified foods and milk
  •       Cantaloupe
  •       Fish 
  •       Tomatoes
  •       Pumpkins 
  •       Leafy green vegetables
  •       Mangoes


Make carrot fries instead of french fries, add a delicious spinach salad as a side dish, or cut up some cantaloupe as a snack. Incorporating more vitamin A into your diet can be tasty and fun!