Sandra, Office Manager

Sandra has been with the Lander Chiropractic staff since 2016. During her pregnancy, Sandra became a patient of Lander Chiropractic. As being a mom of two amazing little girls, who are her joy in life, she enjoys seeing families staying healthy together. Under Sandra’s leadership, the office runs like a family supporting each other in whatever capacity is necessary. This family community amongst staff allows for contribution, support, and care to be felt throughout the office. Therefore, being a part of the Lander Chiropractic family means to her no one ever says, “that’s not my job”. The office culture is of contribution, support, and care. Sandra loves the community that has become an extension of her personal family life. When not in the office, Sandra can be found on adventures with her littles, trying new foods, or spending time with family and friends.

Fun Fact: Sandra married her high school sweetheart!

Carolin, Front Office Assistant

Carolin, Front Office Assistant

Carolin has been married since 1999 and is a mother of two. She earned her master’s degree in social work at California State University, Long Beach. In February 2016, Carolin joined the Lander Chiropractic office. She enjoys being a part of an organization that wants to help people feel better. Due to the culture of the office, Carolin views her fellow staff members as family. One aspect of her role she enjoys is meeting the families that come into the office. Over the years she has witnessed patients grow up and start bringing their own young children into the office. She gets to experience a diversity of families coming through the doors every day. Carolin comes from her own diverse background, being born in Colombia, South America. When not assisting patients, Carolin can be found reading books, building Legos, or listening to 80s music. She loves 80s music! She is a proclaimed geek at heart; especially when it comes to anything Harry Potter.

Fun Fact: She enjoys working on her VW Bug!

Samantha, Front Office Assistant

Samantha has been a patient of the Landers since 2014 and has been working at the office since April 2023. She is a full time student attending Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Animal Science Pre-veterinary studies. Her favorite thing about being part of the Lander Chiropractic team are both the people with whom she works and the many different families she has the opportunity to meet in the office. Since Samantha has also been a patient for almost 10 years now, she has had the unique opportunity of growing up at the office and getting to see the benefits of chiropractic care at a young age. When not at the office, Samantha loves going on mini adventures, spending time at the beach, and exploring new places.

Fun Fact: Samantha is also a Drum major instructor for one of the local middle schools

Brittnnee, Patient Wellness Ambassador

Brittnnee, Patient Wellness Ambassador

Brittnee is a stay-at-home mom to her son, Levi. She grew up in Santa Fe Springs and has been married for 5 years. In addition to her role on staff, Brittnee is also a licensed esthetician. She joined the Lander Chiropractic staff in September 2020. The opportunity to be a part of the Lander Chiropractic family has been such a blessing to her. Brittnnee started with the office as a patient before getting the opportunity to be a part of staff. Throughout her life she has gone through many stages with the Lander Chiropractic family. One such stage was during her pregnancy. Being a patient of Lander Chiropractic made her pregnancy journey enjoyable and one of the best parts of her life. Her experience as a pregnant patient led to her wanting other pregnant or new moms to have the same positive experience. Brittnee is compassionate in helping prenatal patients with any and all questions, especially first time moms.

Fun Fact: She loves crafting and planning parties!

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