About Our Practice

Lander Chiropractic is unlike any other chiropractic office that you have experienced before. One of the many things that set us apart is our focus on permanent structural and functional changes, as opposed to just temporary pain relief. We treat patients of all ages from newborns to adults. All patients receive a thorough history and evaluation and a treatment plan is created based on their individual needs. While we work with all types of symptoms, chronic conditions, pregnancy stages, and sports injuries, we take great pride in our ability to relieve pain. Our focus is more on getting your body to function at its utmost potential.

Individualized Care

With our individualized care and commitment to each patient, you can have faith that your best health interests are at heart and in good hands. Lander Chiropractic has a holistic approach using the most specific, scientific chiropractic care in combination with acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, and wellness coaching to ensure that all aspects of your health are being addressed.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. James & Dr. Anastasia are passionate about helping patients achieve their personal health goals and becoming the healthiest version of themselves. Most people don’t realize that they do not have to live with pain and that there are side effect free options for health care. We look forward to having you become part of the Lander Chiropractic Family Wellness Community.

Do What You Love… Pain Free

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