De-cluttering and organizing your home for the arrival of the newborn is no less than a challenge. However, you can make it simple if you follow some easy steps.

1. Design the nursery or infant’s sleeping area, the first thing you need to do is to prepare:

• Select a room for the nursery. The nursery should be close to your bedroom. It will help you to keep an eye on your baby every time.
• After selecting the room, clean it thoroughly.
• Select a beautiful design or theme for the nursery and paint the walls accordingly.
• Furnish the room with furniture and baby essentials.
• The things you require include a baby bassinet, dresser, and nursery chair. You can also add other accessories as per your demand.

2. Organizing rooms and closets

You need a lot of spare areas with your newborn therefore you need to organize your bedroom, the living room, and the guest room.

First, pack all the stuff that is not in use and store it. You can also donate them to a non-profit organization. It is recommended that the baby should stay in the parent’s room during the first few months after birth. Therefore, you might need to rearrange your bedroom to make room for a baby bassinet.

Once you are done with the bedroom, it’s time to focus on the closet(s). Organize the baby closet and then move on to the other closets. Shift your useless stuff from your closet to make space for postpartum and nursing clothes.

Arrange the baby closet yourself. In this way, you will know exactly where you have placed everything. Keep everything separately and organized so you don’t have a problem finding anything. Separate items according to age (this will also help you identify if you need any additional clothes).

3. Organize and clean kitchen and bath

Once you have a newborn in your home, you will have a new reality. It is difficult to handle the kitchen with a newborn. Therefore, you need to organize everything before delivery. First, go for groceries and buy ready-to-eat, canned and frozen food. You should also start stockpiling non-perishable food. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to accept help from family and friends including meal trains.

Now, it’s time to move towards the bathroom. Clean it well and again organize everything. You need some essentials for your bathroom, including a laundry basket, a door hanging, a baby bath seat, storage racks for infant items, and other baby accessories.

4. Diaper station

A diaper station is an essential thing to add to your house. The selected area should be completely ready to use, providing all the accessories and items required. It will save your time and make things very easy for you. As a chiropractor, it is one of the things I often speak to patients about. You want to make sure the diaper station is at a good level so that it doesn’t put additional stress on your back. Whenever possible, use a diaper station instead of a bed to change diapers.

Things can be more comfortable with some additional stuff here. You can buy a diaper change organizer or a diaper basket for changing the diaper.

5. Deep cleaning

Newborns are very sensitive to infections and diseases, therefore, you need to deep clean your house to get rid of any germs. Your home needs to be vacuumed, curtains should be washed and carpets need to be steam-washed. Remove everything that can spread germs. Again, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If a relative or friend offers to assist – take them up on the offer! Also, consider getting professional help and having someone come in to do a deep clean and take that time for yourself and your spouse/partner to prepare for you bundle of joy.

By following the above-mentioned steps, your house will be prepared to welcome your new family member. You can also do anything that comes to your mind. After all, your baby deserves a beautiful and warm welcome to their home.