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Lander Chiropractic Weekly Recipe (10/2/2017): Coconut Creamed Spinach & Kale with Bacon

Note: This recipe is super easy to increase or decrease it by how many servings you need, just play around with the amount of Spinach and Kale you use as well as season to taste and liking. *Nutritional Yeast provides a naturally cheesy taste but without the use of dairy. No sodium, no cholesterol, and [...]

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Recipe of the Week – Coconut Chocolate Espresso Truffles

Lander Chiropractic Weekly Recipe (09/11/2017): Coconut Chocolate Espresso Truffle Note: This week we decided to go more paleo than ketogenic. The difference being that this recipe contains some sugar in – but we all know Dr. James loves his chocolate! However, since going on the ketogenic diet, he now can appreciate dark chocolate without craving [...]

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